Versatile Esthetician

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VERSATILE ESTHETICIAN COURSE has been designed for basic esthetics, AP Esthetics, cosmetology licensees and instructors (CP-CE). The program will cover three different areas of esthetics as listed below. We know you will learn something new and refresh your knowledge during this four-hour Professional Practice program. 

1. Skincare Through the Decades
2. Client Consultation
3. HEV/Blue Light

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Course Details

Skin Care Through The Decades01:02:00
Skin Care Through The Decades - Lesson 1 00:27:00
Knowledge Check L1
Skin Care Through The Decades Lesson 2 00:35:00
Knowledge Check L2
Client Consultation01:55:55
Client Consultation Lesson 1 00:19:30
Knowledge Check - L1
Client Consultation Lesson 2 00:34:00
Knowledge Check - L2
Client Consultation Lesson 3 00:42:25
Knowledge Check - L3
Client Consultation Lesson 4 00:20:00
Knowledge Check - L4
HEV/Blue Light00:53:00
HEV/Blue Light Lesson 1 00:12:00
Knowledge Check - L1 HEV
HEV/Blue Light Lesson 2 00:16:00
Knowledge Check - L2 HEV
HEV/Blue Light Lesson 3 00:25:00
Knoledge Check - L3 HEV
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