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What kind of DEVICE should I use for the best results?
• Desktop PC or Mac
• Laptop PC or Mac
• iPad or tablet
• Cellphone (a cell phone can be used, however, for the best experience we don’t recommended)
• DO NOT use a Chromebook! Due to Chromebook’s incompatibility with some video players, Chromebook will
not work with our Learning Management System. Please use another device that is not a

What kind of BROWSER should I use?
• Chrome
• Firefox
• Edge
• Opera
• Safari
• DO NOT use Internet Explorer! Microsoft has not supported or updated IE since 2015. IE should
not be used at all for internet safety.

What kind of INTERNET CONNECTION should I have?
Wi-Fi and LAN connections work best. When using Wi-Fi, it must be a strong connection. Don’t use
public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi has a lot of traffic on the signal, which is problematic. This will cause a lot of
buffering and breaks in the connection.

If you are using a smartphone, DO NOT use your data plan! A data signal is inconsistent, and you will not
get the results you need to complete the program.

I don’t see the courses I purchased in “My Courses”.
• Log in (you must be logged in to access the course(s) you purchased.
• Click on the course or bundle that you purchased to load it into your account.
• Click on the first Lesson in the table of contents

How do I log in?
You can log in with the link in the email that was sent to you or at

The course is not advancing after I have watched a video in a Lesson. What do I do?
• You don’t need to watch the video again unless you want to.
• Make sure you don’t stop the video before it reaches the end.
• Give it a minute
• Refresh the browser

When you begin a course DO NOT advance the video manually.  This will affect your being able to advance to the next item in your course.

How can I get help not listed in the FAQ?
Email -
Contacting us via email is the fastest and most efficient way to get help.

Thank you!

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